The Importance Of Personalized Physiotherapy

The Importance Of Personalized Physiotherapy

In the same way that snow flakes and fingerprints are never the same, no two injuries are ever identical. While clients might have similar symptoms, root causes and affects will always play different roles in a patient’s condition and recovery. In order to best treat patients, physiotherapists create individualized treatment plans to achieve optimum mobility, increase strength, reduce pain and make for the quickest recovery time possible.

In the event of an accident or severe illness, maintaining independence is a top priority for patients. The goal of physiotherapy is to make life manageable while dealing with physical limitations. In order to create an effective treatment plan, medical professionals conduct an assessment involving detailed medical history, including range and limitations of motion, as well as weight, flexibility and previous injuries. These question and answer periods allow professionals an idea of how illness, injuries and pain can impact daily life. All of these factors play a part in a successful treatment plan.

Injuries related to sports or vehicle accidents are common reasons for visiting a physiotherapist but they are not the only ones. Personalized treatment plans can benefit those patients contending with heart disease, arthritis and joint pain; or following strokes, heart attacks, cancer and surgery. In order to provide the best care possible, physiotherapists are knowledgable in many fields of physical care.

If two patients have similar sprained ankles, but one is suffering from arthritis, it is dangerous to apply the same methods to both. This is why it is so important for physiotherapists to practice due diligence. For example, the staff at Plaza Physiotherapy in Burnaby BC create personalized treatment plans based around backgrounds in injury, disease, anatomy, physiology and over all physical function.

Through formal education and assessments, a medical support team can work alongside clients to help achieve their goals and improve overall health.

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